1 Day Auto Insurance Quotes

1 day auto insuranceI’m driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on a rented car. My insurance is up for renewal but I can’t do it right now. Is it possible to get one day auto insurance just so I’d get covered while driving to Las Vegas?


Los Angeles CA

It’s a good idea, Mark, to get a temporary car insurance so that you are covered while making the three-hour drive to Las Vegas. It’s not very far but a lot of things could go wrong when you are not prepared. Finding companies that offer one day car insurance coverage can prove to be difficult because this is not very common.

Not all insurance companies offer car insurance for one day because it could prove a hassle. The best thing for you to do is to find an insurance company that offers temporary coverage days before you’ll make the trip so that all requirements are met and your trip can go as planned.

But it seems like you want insurance right now, which means that you need to further limit your search to those companies that offer quick coverage without the pain of asking too many requirements.

You can use the form on this page,  to give quick and easy free quotes. The documentation is given through email, making it simpler and more convenient for you.

You can also extend the insurance coverage up to 28 days just in case your business in Nevada would keep you busy and unable to renew your regular policy.

Just like an ordinary coverage, this kind of policy is available for comprehensive to third-party liability only. Since the drive is long, it’s better for you to get a comprehensive coverage to cover all bases.

If you want to rent a car, the car rental company can provide the insurance without asking for a lot of documentation from you. Renting a car for a short trip to Las Vegas may be the thing for you. Try to find out from local car rental companies if they can give you a good rate.

A short term car insurance policy usually lasts from 1 up to 28 days depending on your car insurance company.